Southern Railroad's Collaborating Artist Eric Reid appearing in Jitney

Our collaborator and Artistic Director of Theater Madcap, Eric Reid is appearing in the African American Shakespeare Company's production of August Wilson's Jitney.  



Written by August Wilson
Directed by L. Peter Callender

Set in 1977 in the Hill District of Pittsburgh that is served by a makeshift taxi company, Jitney is a beautiful addition to the author’s decade-by-decade cycle of plays about the black American experience in the 20th century.

Jitney takes place during an end of an era, where urban renewal threatens to eliminate the makeshift small business Jitney service, which developed to serve the Black community when taxis would not come to their neighborhoods. Jitney is a play about father and sons and brotherhood and love; loss and hope; and ultimately, community, told with passion that transcends all races. Jitney is part of the “Pittsburgh Cycle” of plays created by August Wilson about the African-American experience in Pittsburgh.

Co-Producer/Plawright Susan Jackson's play MIRACLE LAKE to receive a salon reading with 3Girls Theatre!!

3Girls Salon Series begins 2017 with a miraculous bang!

Written by Susan Jackson       Directed by Louis Parnell (AEA)

"What happens to the Langdon family after a catastrophic event?  MIRACLE LAKE follows their reunion years after Timmy’s accident, and just before it occurs.  Lives are drastically changed; hope for a miraculous cure is juxtaposed with reality. Secrets are revealed.  Heartbreak. Was there a moment where a miracle occured? "No one ever dies at Miracle Lake."


Heather Gordon (AEA) as Tanner (Tiffany) Langdon

Lori Hold (AEA) as Ann Langdon

Louis Parnell as Jim Langdon

Jessica Waldman as Cecelia Langdon

Aaron Wilton (AEA) as Timmy (Thomas) Langdon


January 15th, 2 p.m at the Phoenix Theatre between Mason and Geary in San Francisco.



Southern Railroad Theatre Company Co-Producer Susan Jackson to be published!!!!!!!

Southern Railroad Theatre Company Co-Producer Susan Jackson will have a monologue from her new play TAKEN published in a compilation of new monologues for women.  The monologue is from Scene Six of the play where Jackson's character Corrie is speaking to her deceased brother.  This moving and dramatic monologue will be included in their new edition.   The publishers are Smith and Kraus, Inc. and Applause Theatre & Cinema Books.

Congratulations, Susan!!!!!

Southern Railroad Theatre Company Performers Open Fall Festivals

2016 San Francisco Improv Festival:

Southern Railroad Theatre Company's Diana Brown was invited to compete in the 2016 San Francisco Improv Festival's Opening Night short form match between San Jose Comedy Sportz and The San Francisco Improv Festival Allstars.  

The short form show-down opened the night and the Festival with San Francisco improv performers  Cassidy Jamahl Brown (SFIF), Diana Brown (Leela), Simon Pond (Un-Scripted) and Brandon Knapp (Endgames) playing against the daunting championship team San Jose Comedy Sportz, the scrappy SFIF Allstars took the match with a one point lead!! Tonight, they and the Denver Broncos won by one! #funniertogether

25th Annual San Francisco Fringe Festival:

This October, Bay area actor Brian Levi will be making his Southern Railroad Theatre Company debut as Robert in our world premiere production of TAKEN by Susan Jackson, directed by Wesley Cayabyab. This month, Brian opens at the 25th Annual San Francisco Fringe Festival in IT CAME FROM FUKUSHIMA a play by Bill Hyatt.




This is a comedy about a radioactive creature rising from the abyss to attack San Francisco. Blending Film Noir & Sci-fi, the play tells a tale of fear, greed, hope and survival. Will the monster destroy San Francisco? Will nuclear contamination signal the end of the world? Is humankind the most dangerous monster of all? What’s for dinner after the show?

Tonight Southern Railroad's Diana Brown performs in the improv duo BINGEWATCH!

Improv you can't get enough of. 

Diana Brown and Dan Wilson recreate the lost pilot of a show that you have never seen but would watch the hell out of. Every show tackles a different genre, from police procedural to soap opera to something awesome that would totally get canceled by Fox in its first season.

Southern Railroad Artists at 3Girls Theatre's Repro Rights!

Tonight, two of Southern Railroad Theatre Company's artists work will be featured in Repro Rights! - The Body Politic.  Southern Railroad Co-Producer Susan Jackson's play ENOUGH is featured in the line-up of plays presented tonight.  Southern Railroad's actor Brian Levi who will play Robert in our upcoming world premiere production TAKEN will perform.  The event is completely sold out!!

Southern Railroad Makes a Critically Acclaimed DC Debut!

Southern Railroad Theatre Company made their Washington DC debut at the 2016 Capital Fringe Festival. Co-Producers Diana Brown and Susan Jackson represented SRTC in Jackson's two-hander DEATH BE NOT LOUD! Under the direction of Wesley Cayaby, SRTC was well received by DC Area Critics -Roger Catlin of The Washington Post and Revelle Brickman of DC Metro Theatre Arts.

"Under the direction of Wesley Cayabyab, the two recognizable and credible characters are comfortable in their own skin..."
-Roger Catlin, The Washington Post

"Susan Jackson’s new play, Death Be Not Loud—produced by the Southern Railroad Theatre Company and billed as “a contemporary Southern comedy”—is a sweet reflection on love and loss, featuring two gifted actors.... Both women are played with a touching blend of humor and malice, and both display a kind of toughness that lets us know that they, like other Southern women, will find a way to survive."

-Revelle Brickman, DC Metro Theater Arts

Southern Railroad's Eric Reid awarded Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Fellowship

Actor, Producer, Director Eric Reid's life and art is dedicated to the examination of black and brown lives and the quality of those lives in America. He has been awarded the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts fellowship where over the next year he and 29 other fellows will be examining one very important question: What does EQUITY look like?

The YBCA Fellows program brings together creative citizens from across the Bay Area – artists and everyday people alike – to engage in a yearlong process of inquiry, dialogue and project generation. Each Fellowship cohort will explore and respond to a question that emerged from our annual YBCA 100 summit. Together, they’ll use art and culture to inspire community transformation and drive new possibilities into the public imagination. Fellows’ projects will ultimately be presented at YBCA’s bi-annual Public Square, event that provides a platform to share new information, surface big questions, and enact change.  MORE

Southern Railroad Theatre Company's Director of TAKEN, Wesley Cayabyab performs tonight in Cyclone Dancing at the Shelton Theatre in San Francisco!

LOUISE has a beautiful two month old baby and she has just been admitted to the MFA program at SFSU. She's a published poet. How hard could this motherhood thing be? Her husband GEORGE is a rock star pediatrician, up for a prestigious Fellowship, but he's never home. And KATY, like most babies, screams. All the time. Louise has no friends or family in this big new city. But that's okay. She's doing fine. She doesn’t need help. Just a little sleep. Humor and the Hospital Advice Line keep her going....for awhile. Will LOUISE survive in this surreal new territory? Will KATY survive?

A performance of CYCLONE DANCING, a new full-length play by Madeline Puccioni. Complimentary drinks, nibbles, and coffee. Please stay for a talk-back with the playwright! 



DIRECTIONS: 10 minute walk up Powell from the POWELL ST BART STATION, then left on SUTTER, and 533 Sutter is half a block further. The Shelton is on the lower level, Custom Made is on the upper level. There are a number of public parking garages in the area. Suggested donation: 10.00.