Southern Railroad's Collaborating Artist Eric Reid appearing in Jitney

Our collaborator and Artistic Director of Theater Madcap, Eric Reid is appearing in the African American Shakespeare Company's production of August Wilson's Jitney.  



Written by August Wilson
Directed by L. Peter Callender

Set in 1977 in the Hill District of Pittsburgh that is served by a makeshift taxi company, Jitney is a beautiful addition to the author’s decade-by-decade cycle of plays about the black American experience in the 20th century.

Jitney takes place during an end of an era, where urban renewal threatens to eliminate the makeshift small business Jitney service, which developed to serve the Black community when taxis would not come to their neighborhoods. Jitney is a play about father and sons and brotherhood and love; loss and hope; and ultimately, community, told with passion that transcends all races. Jitney is part of the “Pittsburgh Cycle” of plays created by August Wilson about the African-American experience in Pittsburgh.