Co-Producer/Plawright Susan Jackson's play MIRACLE LAKE to receive a salon reading with 3Girls Theatre!!

3Girls Salon Series begins 2017 with a miraculous bang!

Written by Susan Jackson       Directed by Louis Parnell (AEA)

"What happens to the Langdon family after a catastrophic event?  MIRACLE LAKE follows their reunion years after Timmy’s accident, and just before it occurs.  Lives are drastically changed; hope for a miraculous cure is juxtaposed with reality. Secrets are revealed.  Heartbreak. Was there a moment where a miracle occured? "No one ever dies at Miracle Lake."


Heather Gordon (AEA) as Tanner (Tiffany) Langdon

Lori Hold (AEA) as Ann Langdon

Louis Parnell as Jim Langdon

Jessica Waldman as Cecelia Langdon

Aaron Wilton (AEA) as Timmy (Thomas) Langdon


January 15th, 2 p.m at the Phoenix Theatre between Mason and Geary in San Francisco.