Southern Railroad Theatre Company Performers Open Fall Festivals

2016 San Francisco Improv Festival:

Southern Railroad Theatre Company's Diana Brown was invited to compete in the 2016 San Francisco Improv Festival's Opening Night short form match between San Jose Comedy Sportz and The San Francisco Improv Festival Allstars.  

The short form show-down opened the night and the Festival with San Francisco improv performers  Cassidy Jamahl Brown (SFIF), Diana Brown (Leela), Simon Pond (Un-Scripted) and Brandon Knapp (Endgames) playing against the daunting championship team San Jose Comedy Sportz, the scrappy SFIF Allstars took the match with a one point lead!! Tonight, they and the Denver Broncos won by one! #funniertogether

25th Annual San Francisco Fringe Festival:

This October, Bay area actor Brian Levi will be making his Southern Railroad Theatre Company debut as Robert in our world premiere production of TAKEN by Susan Jackson, directed by Wesley Cayabyab. This month, Brian opens at the 25th Annual San Francisco Fringe Festival in IT CAME FROM FUKUSHIMA a play by Bill Hyatt.




This is a comedy about a radioactive creature rising from the abyss to attack San Francisco. Blending Film Noir & Sci-fi, the play tells a tale of fear, greed, hope and survival. Will the monster destroy San Francisco? Will nuclear contamination signal the end of the world? Is humankind the most dangerous monster of all? What’s for dinner after the show?