Southern Railroad Makes a Critically Acclaimed DC Debut!

Southern Railroad Theatre Company made their Washington DC debut at the 2016 Capital Fringe Festival. Co-Producers Diana Brown and Susan Jackson represented SRTC in Jackson's two-hander DEATH BE NOT LOUD! Under the direction of Wesley Cayaby, SRTC was well received by DC Area Critics -Roger Catlin of The Washington Post and Revelle Brickman of DC Metro Theatre Arts.

"Under the direction of Wesley Cayabyab, the two recognizable and credible characters are comfortable in their own skin..."
-Roger Catlin, The Washington Post

"Susan Jackson’s new play, Death Be Not Loud—produced by the Southern Railroad Theatre Company and billed as “a contemporary Southern comedy”—is a sweet reflection on love and loss, featuring two gifted actors.... Both women are played with a touching blend of humor and malice, and both display a kind of toughness that lets us know that they, like other Southern women, will find a way to survive."

-Revelle Brickman, DC Metro Theater Arts