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Bay Area based actor Amitis is debuting with SRTC. A UC Santa Cruz alum, she earned her B.A. in Theater Arts, where stage roles included Lydia in BIG LOVE, Ophelia in ROSENCRANTZ & GUILDENSTERN ARE DEAD, and Julia in FEFU AND HER FRIENDS. She received the Priscilla Newton Award twice at UCSC for “exceptional promise and dedication in theater arts.”

Nathan Tucker

Nathan Tucker is delighted to be joining the cast of Taken. Tucker has been performing in the Bay Area for ten years. Some of his recent performances include the role of Elder Amit in Dominion, Richard Huelsenbeck in Zurich Plays, Toby and the dog Brutus in Assorted Domestic Emergencies. Tucker is a recurring cast member of The Mess Sketch Comedy, and is a company member of Dark Porch Theatre, featured in Pas De Quatre, StormStressLenz, Comedy Ballet, Eleanor, Cockroach, The In-Betweens, and Under The Bed. Do It Live! Production’s The Tempest, Dark Play Or Stories For Boys; Open Tab Production’s Assistance, Enron, Farragut North

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TAKEN Poster by Cody A. Rishell